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Things to do during your Plymouth City Break

Plymouth has a lot to offer, whether it is business or pleasure bringing you to this stunning waterfront location. In this feature of our website we [...]

Tantalise your taste buds with a wide range of top quality restaurants in Plymouth

If you like good food you’ll love Plymouth! Plymouth hosts a wide and varied range of high quality restaurants, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. [...]

Top 10 “Did you know” about Plymouth

Here is our favourite historical facts about Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City. 1. Drakes Island is actually a tip of a volcano! The rocks that make this beautiful island is […]

Plymouth the City of Culture

This month we would like to mention a little more about all of the cultural opportunities awaiting you here in Plymouth. Plymouth submitted a bid to [...]

Enjoy Shopping in Plymouth

If you like shopping, you’ll love Plymouth! In this feature we would like to tell you a bit more about what Plymouth has in store for […]